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Who We Are |

Iconic Black Britons aims to fill the gap of multicultural representation within British society. Each of our projects forms a legacy that will transform the visual and cultural landscape of the UK.

We work diligently to connect divided communities through arts and culture by celebrating the influence of the African Caribbean diaspora on Britain’s cultural identity. We also promote integration and inclusion to improve community relations across the UK.

We accomplish our goals by:

  • exploring the ongoing socio-cultural transformation and contributions of the African Caribbean diaspora within the UK;

  • transforming the physical and cultural landscape of the UK through public art

  • igniting challenging conversations regarding identity, representation, and belonging;

  • providing educational resources for students and adults; and

  • providing mentoring and work experience for young British creatives.

Our Mission |

Our mission is to increase engagement in the arts particularly for marginalised groups. We create inclusive pathways for young people to respect and engage with the arts and their communities whilst being inspired by tangible role models.

This isn’t just Black history; this is Britain’s history!


Michele Curtis
Founder, Executive Director, Artist

Endorsement |

Michele’s work is a valuable contribution to the documentation of our presence in Britain. By mapping the achievements of the African Caribbean community in Bristol, Michele is also raising the profile of Jamaicans in the UK. Her work shares inspirational narratives of how Black people have continued to fight against indifference, oppression and racism, whilst striving to promote integration and equality. It is encouraging to see Michele educating young people, inspiring them to be the next generation of role models, whilst being an inspiration in her own right.

~His Excellency Seth George Ramocan, Jamaican High Commissioner

10 year-old Kaira with Tom from The Paintsmiths

10 year-old Kaira with Tom from The Paintsmiths